AI & Data Ecosystems

Limitless data access. Monetizable.

White Label AI & Data Marketplace

Your own marketplace adjusted to your branding

Unlock revenue

Offer and monetize your AI & data products on your own marketplace, unlocking previously untapped revenue streams.

Be interoperable

Cross list your products on all connected marketplaces not only on Pontus-X, but even across other ecosystems.

Integrate with Gaia-X

Our marketplace includes all the latest developments ensuring Gaia-X compliance and interoperability.

Join the Pontus-X ecosystem today

We provide you with a pre-configured, white-label marketplace customizable according to your needs.
Ready to launch and fully connected to the existing Pontus-X ecosystem.


Data owners stay in control

Based on the Compute-to-Data paradigm, our AI & Data Ecosystems enable secure and efficient data processing without the data leaving the owner's infrastructure, thereby preserving data privacy by design.

Sovereign AI & Data Ecosystem

Your own ecosystem fully customized to your requirements

Govern your ecosystem

Control who can join and participate in your ecosystem, based on your customized ruleset and mechanisms.

Create a trusted environment

We guide you on setting up your own ecosystem network, helping to create shared trust between all participants.

Operate self-sovereign

Choose between our as a service solutions or fully self-hosted private computing infrastructure according to your needs.

Be interoperable

You have the option to always connect to Pontus-X and leverage the benefits of an already established and populated ecosystem.

Empower your consortia with its own federated ecosystem

Leverage the full potential of the self-sovereign design of our solution, carrying Gaia-X compatibility at its core.
Stay entirely autonomous while being able to connect to our established Pontus-X network anytime.

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