Gaia-X integration

We are Gaia-X ambassadors and sherpas since 2021.

Overwhelmed by grasping Gaia-X

With deltaDAO's in-depth Gaia-X expertise, navigating the complexities of Gaia-X compliance and integration becomes effortless. We enable you to save valuable time and resources, empowering you to concentrate on your use case, existing service portfolio and knowledge.

Gaia-X integration

deltaDAO's Gaia-X experts are experienced in implementing Gaia-X standards ensuring you comply with the latest Gaia-X requirements.

Gaia-X Complince aaS

Stay ahead of the curve with ongoing compliance monitoring and updates in line with evolving Gaia-X standards.

Gaia-X onboarding

We fast track your onboarding to Gaia-X ecosystems and to offering your services in Gaia-X ecosystems.

Leverage network effect

We connect you with other Gaia-X builders and developers creating the leading solutions in the Gaia-X ecosystem.

We are enabling Gaia-X lighthouse projects and initiatives across Europe

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