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The Pontus-X ecosystem transforms how businesses can monetize their AI & Data products, allowing them to fully utilize their digital goods while retaining control over their intellectual property.

Join us in the new era of the data economy, where control, privacy, and value creation go hand in hand. Anytime.

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Membrane Finance

We are honoured to collaborate with deltaDAO to make EUROe available to the Gaia-X community, one of the world’s most advanced ecosystems for data and AI, which is used by numerous corporations, government projects, and industry sectors. Utilising tokenised euro on-chain, transactions are faster and more cost-effective, providing full finality for payments and transactions in Pontus-X.

Juha Viitala

Membrane Finance


At EuProGigant, we've been delighted to partner with deltaDAO AG in our pioneering efforts to build a cooperative data infrastructure for SMEs in the manufacturing sector.

The team at deltaDAO AG has shown not only impressive technological prowess but also a deep understanding of building open, transparent, secure, and decentralized digital ecosystems.

Viktor Berchtenbreiter



We're thrilled to be deltaDAO's infrastructure partner in its mission to provide an open and federated data economy for the European digital ecosystem. By joining forces we empower Gaia-X projects to seize benefits offered by Web3: digital sovereignty, interoperability and security.

Antoni Martin


Dutch Blockchain Coalition

deltaDAO has been pivotal to us navigating the complex landscape of data and algorithm sharing solutions and the creation of the Future Mobility Data Marketplace (FMDM). It's one of the first concrete examples of how such solutions can work while also explaining and adhering to Gaia-X concepts. While we continue to expand the FMDM it also acts as inspiration for new data and AI marketplaces that we are initiating with our partners. For instance in the healthcare and energy space. We are excited about our continued collaboration as we chart the future of mobility and digital sovereignty in general.

Harmen van der Kooji

Dutch Blockchain Coalition

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