AI and Data Ecosystems

Limitless Data Products. Monetizable.

AI & data ecosystems built for secure end-to-end data exchange and service monetization.


The ecosystem of ecosystems

Pontus-X is a direct answer to the need for digital collaboration across industries and domains. It is the largest publicly available Gaia-X Research and Development ecosystem building towards the AI & data economy of tomorrow.

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Global Data Mesh

Join the effort to build a global data mesh enabling monetization of data products across companies and domains.

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Digital B2B Service Ecosystem

A sustainable ecosystem with incentive mechanisms for different service providers.

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Regulatory Clarity

Your solution for new regulatory challenges, like the Data Act, Data Governance Act and AI Act.

In good company

Join more than 100 companies and institutions

with 400+ solutions live and available across different domains

Pontus-X Ecosystem Overview
Road-Damage Detection Use Case Integration
Managed Services

Powerful tools and services

Customisable tooling to meet the needs of your organisation.

Comfortable UI

Manage your data products and other service offerings

Powerful libraries

Enabling automations and programmatic interactions within the ecosystem

Contracting provider

Monetize your existing platform based services

Custom Implementations

Full fledged end-to-end solution for your use case

GAIA-X Commitment

Fully Gaia-X compatible

Fast onboarding of participants and services, federated across European Gaia-X Hubs to avoid lock-in effects
Connected to Gaia-X Digital Clearing Houses (GXDCH) and the Credential Event Service (CES) for Gaia-X integration and compliance

Trusted by 4 Gaia-X Lighthouses

Gaia-X 4 Future Mobility
Stay in control

Secure and Self-Sovereign

Own your data

deltaDAO does not store any data, nor have any access to your data

Smart Contracts

Automatic and programmatic contracting based on digital signatures and smart contracts


Privacy preserving computations on any datasource. Data never leaves the owners infrastructure.

Access Control

Fine-grained control on who can access your assets


Fully built on Open Source Software. 100% Self-hostable.

Coming Soon: SSI

Natively integrate with SSI flows utilizing Verifiable Credentials and Presentations.

Start now - Risk Free

Fast setup utilizing our managed services

Securely connect to any data sources and build on any cloud.

Basic plan


Onboarding to developer network
Unlimited transactions
Access to the Pontus-X Marketplace
Developer network transaction logs
Instant settlement using EUROe


Onboarding into R&D environment
Custom branded marketplace
Access to SaaS contracting solutions
Fully managed Compute-to-Data cluster
Self-Sovereign deployments